Examples of poll

“A poll is a survey in which people are asked their opinions about something, usually in order to find out how popular something is or what people intend to do in the future.”, Collins

What is the poll?

Polls are the easiest way to get peoples’ feedback, feelings and preferences. It is a simple, quick and playful process which can bring lots of value to your company from clients, users, and guests.

With ithinktoday.com you can create various types of polls; with / without photos, with public results or just for you. It is easy to embed into your websites, products or you can share our page and get the data.


As first example, we have a simple poll with single question, public results and without any photos. This type might be used for quick feedback, simple responses from you audience.

Module ITT: Simple poll with public results and without photo

In the next example, you can create poll with multiple questions, to make it more visually appealing you can use cover photo. After user voting the poll will show public results.

Module ITT: Poll with multiple question, public results, description and photo